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A Boot Camp Fitness program can recharge your workout routine and get you in the best shape you've ever been in, no matter what kind of shape you're in now.

Exerciseworks - personal training covers all kinds of cardio and strength training exercises, and a never ending variety of workouts. The workouts are made up of mostly body weight and cardio exercises, all done with very little rest between exercises. The effectiveness of boot camp fitness comes from the fact that you are moving and working your entire body throughout the workout. That burns fat fast!

Below are extracts of Exerciseworks – personal training boot camp testimonials that I have received from clients that have attended my boot camp. Please browse all of my boot camp testimonials to see how I can also help you in your quest to become healthier and fitter.

"Thanks Luci for the "MAD!!" boot camp sessions. Every time I attend there's always a new challenge awaiting me. I love the boxing sessions and the sprints in the park; they are fun and give me a great workout. The people that attend are all so friendly and the exercises are different every week so there is no chance to get bored! My fitness has improved and I'm stronger than ever before. Since I've started Exerciseworks-Personal Training Boot Camp, I have gotten much better at the plank hold. I love the boxing drills which also incorporate kickboxing as well. I can't wait for the next 10 week instalment. Thanks Luci for the Great Training Sessions!!"
Joel, Stanmore

"Exerciseworks has helped me to keep those unwanted kilos off over the cold winter months. With the dedication of my Boot Camp instructor Luci, I have achieved everything I wanted from boot camp and more. Each week Luci provides us with a fantastic workout that makes you feel great. Luci, I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful work you do. Exerciseworks has been fantastic in every way helping me to lose those unwanted kilos and achieve my fitness goals. If you’re looking to get fit and lose that unwanted winter flab, then get to Exerciseworks now. Thanks Luci, keep up the great work."
Erin, North Strathfield

"To motivate myself to get to the gym or do any training was close to impossible so I sought the help of EXERCISEWORKS - PERSONAL TRAINING. With my trainer LUCI I was able to not only get into a routine that I looked forward to every week, but also see and feel the real benefits of one-one training. Luci made me feel fitter and healthier with every week that passed. With Luci's continuous support I was able to push myself to get closer to my weight goal."
Sharon, Stanmore

"Exercise works is a fun and challenging way to keep fit and stay healthy. Each week Luci provides new and exciting exercises to keep us motivated and enjoying fitness. I feel fit and healthy, thanks!
Happy and healthy customer"

Kelly, Haberfield

"The variety of exercises are great, it's never boring and always so challenging. One class is never the same as the other. Vast variety of equipment used, keeps me coming back for more."
Kim, Concord

"I started training with Exerciseworks - Personal Training 10 months ago. After my initial trial session I was wary of continuing as the session was very tough and showed how unfit I was. I did realise however, I needed proper sessions to get my results. I am now much stronger, have more energy, and feel much healthier. The quality of your fitness sessions is so important if you want results. I enjoy my sessions greatly. I highly recommend Exerciseworks - Personal Training to anyone who wants results.
Thanks Luci!"

Nancy, Five Dock

"Since starting with Exerciseworks i feel great. Luci is a great personal trainer who motivates you in an unbelievable way. She makes exercise fun! My tummy has toned up since training with Luci and i feel great and more confident about myself. I highly recommend anyone who is struggling with their weight or just want to live a healthier lifestyle to book a session or boot camp with Luci! Thanks Luci you are the best!"
Natalie, Leichhardt

"I have been training ONE ON ONE with Luci for 6 months now, with a goal of losing at least 5-6 kilos. I did it - lost 6 kilos and have got so much more than just weight loss out of Luci's program. I've achieved astonishing results that have stunned family, friends, work colleagues and even my GP! Thanks Luci"
Maya, Cabarita

"Boot Camp has been great for me. When I joined a gym, it only lasted for the honeymoon period and I never went back. If I dont turn up for a Boot Camp session I feel like Im letting the team down. I enjoy the variety of the sessions and seeing an improvement in my level of fitness. I am always working hard with a great group of people and having fun at the same time. I look forward to every session."
Scott Zacron

"If your thinking of joining an exercise group then" EXERCISEWORKS PERSONAL TRAINING-BOOT CAMP" is the one!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never been one for exercise and too embarrassed to join a gym.I have tried every diet, tablet and food delivery service to lose weight-they don't work. My Doctor said I needed to do some physical activity, my blood pressure was just getting too high, I had very bad back pain and needed to lose weight. That was in Oct.2010 I now am 20kg lighter and fitter than ever before that's because I joined Exerciseworks Personal Training.Luci plans her sessions in great detail making sure each class is different from the other. (A comment often heard from new and old clients to the training sessions) I just can't believe that I'm doing all this exercise and having fun!! My blood pressure has gone down and my back hasn't got the pain like I use to from carrying all that weight around!! HOW FANTASTIC IS THAT!! I have recently been back to my Doctor and she can not believe the change in me. She is so impressed about my new ACTIVE lifestyle.She is even recommending Luci to her patients. All I can say is THANK-YOU SO SO MUCH LUCI for getting me healthy. YOUR CRAZY IF YOU DON'T GIVE EXERCISEWORKS PERSONAL TRAINING A GO!!!! And you do things at your own pace."
Sharon, Stanmore

"Exerciseworks is a great place to get fit and meet great new people who want to have fun and get fit at the same time. Luci makes the exercises fun and interesting so that there's no chance of getting bored.
Thanks Luci! Kelly."

Kelly, Haberfield

"Exerciseworks - Personal Training embodies change. Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, Luci retrained my attitude while I retrained my body. In a short time, I gained the confidence to walk into any fitness center and lift weights...facing the mirror. Luci instilled that confidence. She quietly discovered the athlete in me that I never knew."
Jill, Strathfield

"Luci is an outstanding master of her craft; incredibly bright with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge; expert in running, weight training, boxing; and a warm, spontaneous personality that make workouts fun. Luci is brimming with the brains to help anyone achieve the brawn. She's the real deal in an industry full of wannabees and is the standard by which any trainer should be measured."
Samantha, Concord

"I have just started with Exerciseworks - Personal Training bootcamp, and my first thought was, why didn't I start this sooner. I was very nervous about getting back into exercise, but Luci totally put me at ease and the rest of the group are very encouraging and motivating. Yes you work hard, harder than I have ever worked in any training session. But it feels great, my body & and mind feels motivated and I really look forward to the next sessions. Sessions are fun, varied, different and keep not just your body going but also your mind! Come along to a session, you will certainly not regret it."
Laura, Concord West

"I decided to join Exerciseworks-personal training one evening after walking past a couple of times previously. I had watched Luci training with a group of people and they all looked like they were working hard but having fun!"
When I signed up with Exerciseworks-personal training, Boot Camp sessions, I wasn't sure what to expect. What I found was a fun and supportive group of people, and various challenges that ensured you never got bored or slacked off!
The initial warm welcome from Luci made me feel immediately part of the team and when she said Exerciseworks-personal training is all about encouraging and supporting each other and being positive I knew I found just what I needed.
Since joining Exerciseworks-personal training I have become stronger in both mind and body. I am the fittest I have ever been, and I'm loving the challenges and variety that each session presents. Luci has set me on the right path with my eating habits and through personal training sessions she is constantly challenging me with heavier weights and exercises I would never have attempted on my own.
Exerciseworks-personal training has become a way of life for me; I have made some amazing likeminded friends and love the supportive atmosphere that comes with it. Luci, you are amazing and I will be forever grateful for what a positive impact you have had on my life, thank you!
For the past two years I have been training constantly for my wedding day. I had my dress fitting yesterday. The dress looked and felt fabulous on me a bit big & that was the smaller size ordered! It needs to be taken in! I've received lots if compliments back home, people can't believe the change in me thanks to you."

Sarah McGarvey, Concord

"Thanks to Luci and a whole lot of sweat, I am experiencing great results, and feeling fit and healthy. All this has helped with my medical problems which is high blood pressure –which is now OK – and osteoarthritis in my lower back – now in which I'm experiencing less pain and more movement. I have lost over 20kgs in the past 2 years and I'm keeping it off.
It's more than education and experience that enables Luci to work effectively with such a wide range of personalities and problems. She has a special mindset that drives her to go above and beyond what is required and an optimism that is catching.
Not only is Luci knowledgeable and her sessions are "fun" but tuff- she WALKS THE TALK!! She has a strong passion for health and fitness.
I would recommend anyone, any age who is serious about getting into shape and feeling healthy, give Luci a call.
She has changed my life from NO- I mean NO- exercise, to becoming a "fitness freak". I love it!! I now have so much energy and confidence."

Sharon, Petersham

"My husband and I joined 6 weeks ago and we love it. We go about twice a week and no two sessions has ever been the same. At each session I'm pushed to the max and I always finish the session with a great feeling. The people in this boot camp are also amazing, everyone is very supportive and always up for a laugh."
Nita and Stefan Lo

"I am a mother of 2 young kids, work full-time and have an active business. I was introduced to Exerciseworks – Personal Training by a friend, to stay fit and active as I cannot afford to lose a breath. I enjoy every session and impressed that not a single session has ever been repeated. I like variety and there is always a challenge. I highly recommend Exerciseworks-personal Training for a fun, challenging and forever rewarding boot camp."
Abhilasha Rhodes

"I didn't think when I started boot camp with Exerciseworks that I would look forward to my training sessions so much. Luci makes exercising fun, energising and motivating, not to mention pushing you to your limits and beyond. No matter what fitness level you are, Luci's workouts benefit everyone. No training session is ever the same which shows the time, effort and creativity that Luci puts into each and every session. It is such a great feeling being fit and healthy!" Thanks Luci.
Pauline, Homebush

"We just wanted to say a big thank-you for being an awesome boot camp trainer. You really care about your clients and it shows in the way you change the boot camp sessions each time.
Your boot camp sessions are great as they are always different. The sessions are always fun and you are a motivating leader who always makes the group work hard. Everyone feels completely energised at the end of each session.
Well done Luci, we are so happy that we joined your boot camp. Thanks for being a great trainer and also a good friend, we look forward to seeing you at our next session."

Rocco & Santamarie, Strathfield North

"I have been doing twice weekly personal training sessions with Luci for 6 weeks now and have seen in this short time sustained improvement in both my strength and stamina.
The sessions are always different and focused on both strength and cardio. I am really enjoying the challenges and look forward to each session knowing that they are making a significant difference to my health and well-being."

Louise, Rhodes

"Exerciseworks personal praining produces amazing results. My 2 friends training with Luci have both become fitter, stronger and are more aware of living a healthy lifestyle which involves some healthy habits like eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and enough exercise to stay fit.
It seems that there are some hidden benefits which this training brings out.
Good luck Luci!"

EJZ, Stanmore

"I hated the thought of gyms and exercise and I had not workout in years, so my fitness level was poor, but training with Luci at Exerciseworks - personal training changed that.
The atmosphere of the outdoor boot camp sessions are fun, the members are friendly and encouraging, no matter what fitness level you are at.
Luci, makes me feel confident to challenge myself to meet my set goals, she tailors training to my needs and pushes me to achieve my best.
Each workout session uses different cardio and strength training techniques to keep you motivated, the boxing sessions are addictive! Luci is knowledgeable, passionate and fun. I would recommend Exerciseworks - personal training to anyone of any age or fitness level. I now enjoy exercising, have increased my fitness and health and have made some great friends."

Rosanne, Concord West

"Exerciseworks – personal training boot camp sessions are a fantastic and enjoyable way of losing weight and keeping fit. Luci covers all areas of fitness and pushes you to your limits in a fun and energetic way. I've enjoyed every session I have been to!"
Jemma, Wareemba

"Luci has been the best trainer I have ever worked with; her sessions are fun and challenging. I really enjoy the sessions as she uses a range of varied and interesting training techniques. I highly recommend her sessions to all."
Amanda, Concord

"Luci physically challenges me each and every session. I found the gym boring and repetitive and I wanted something that I could do outdoors and that constantly changed each session. The exercises she delivers are a total body workout and are different each time, which keeps me motivated, engaged and excited! I have noticed that my fitness has improved dramatically and as a bonus I have lost some weight. I recommend Exerciseworks – Personal Training to anyone looking to reach their fitness and weight goals!"
Carina, Balmain

"I felt welcome and as part of the group since my very first session. Regardless of fitness level, the close knit team keeps each other energised and encourages you to push yourself just that little bit harder. By ensuring each and every session is different, Luci keeps me motivated and challenged."
Danielle, Concord

"Outdoor boot camps are a great way to exercise - I love them & have done many over the years with different trainers but I can honestly say that the Exerciseworks – personal training boot camps run by Luci are the most challenging, well structured, varied & enjoyable I have done. Luci's commitment to her clients is evident - it's obvious she spends a lot of time planning the sessions to ensure they are balanced, effective & fun... and I've never seen a trainer provide so much equipment in an outdoor session!"
Kate, Concord West

“I started boot camp about a year ago and have not regretted attending a session since! Luci has made every session energising, different and fun. The atmosphere is great as the rest of the group is always encouraging and motivating. I used to dread exercise and now I cannot wait for the sessions every week. Thank you Luci!”
Daryna, Ashfield

“I've been training with Luci for 5 months and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Luci is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I've got great new muscles. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Luci will lead you every step of the way.”
Claudia, Homebush

“Thanks to you Luci, I’m feeling it today, but it's a great feeling, even tho I hated it last night it was an excellent session. I love that it wasn't a race and that we could really concentrate on technique! It shows that when we focus on technique it really works. Gutted I will miss the next lunge challenge.”
Laura, Concord

“Hi Luci, I played my first cricket game after I have started training with you. I could see a lot of difference in my fitness levels. I really love your boot camp sessions and the variety you offer. Keep up the good work.”
Harry, Epping